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As of 2013, we no longer offer breeding stock piglets. We ONLY sell castrated Red Wattle male piglets for meat raising.


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Red Wattle Piglets - We do offer a small number of meat weaner pigs for sale each year as our litters are born.  Our spring farrowing is approaching and while we have bred far fewer sows, we may have piglets available in early to mid summer and on throughout the rest of the year. We are taking reservations on these piglets at this time.  Please contact us for current availability and prices*.

* We generally have a waiting list for meat piglets. We work from the top of the waiting list downward, assigning piglets to customers as they are born and sorted at 2 weeks of age. Once your piglet is born and assigned to you at 2 weeks of age, we will let you know the date he will be available for pick up. We generally do piglet pick ups on Saturdays. You will be notified when the piglet is 2 weeks old, so you will have several weeks in which to plan for your piglet pick up date. Piglets left here after their pick up date will be moved to a stall in the barn and there will be a $4.00 per day per piglet boarding charge to cover their extra expenses .

Red Wattle MeatWe sell all natural, pastured Red Wattle Pork by the side as well as by the individual cut. Our Red Wattle Pork sides are available most times throughout the year as the pigs mature to butcher size. It sells quickly so reserve yours now!  These hogs have had the good life and are thriving on good green pastures and locally grown grains! Please contact us now to reserve your side.  

Our individual USDA Red Wattle Pork cuts are available year round from our USDA licensed freezer. We have a variety of cuts available.* The meat can be picked up in Dallas, Oregon, and we do almost weekly deliveries to the Portland area on Tuesdays. Delivery to areas between Dallas and Portland can generally be arranged to coincide with our Tuesday northern run. If you are south of Dallas, we may be able to coordinate a delivery with my farrier work schedule as I go down to Eugene every now and then.

Please email for current price list and availability

*prices and availability subject to change without notice.

Free Range Chicken - It is that time of year when we start our first batch of free ranged meat chickens. We raise Cornish Cross birds which do have the fast growth and extra breast meat that so many customers are familiar with. Because we raise our birds free ranged (not caged or "tractored") they get plenty of exercise which results in a healthier life for the chicken and better tasting meat for the customer.  As with all of our meat animals, we do not feed our chickens antibiotics or other such "additives". They get  wheat, a bit of soy to boost the protein to proper levels and all the bugs, grass and worms that they can forage for  in the pastures.  The resulting meat is tasty, healthy and wholesome.

We don't raise large amounts of chickens each year, so pre-ordering your birds is encouraged. We'll have chickens ready to go in mid April, mid June, mid August and mid October. We are placing our chick orders this month though, so the sooner we hear from you, the more likely that you can reserve as many birds as you want. It is not uncommon for customers to order 20 chickens or more for their  year's supply of chicken.

Whole chickens are $4.15/lb and Cut Up Chickens are $4.35/lb. Cut up birds are available by preorder only.


Premium Grass Fed Beef - We are taking a short hiatus from raising cows. If you are interested in a side of beef for next year (2014) please let us know and we will see what we can do. We have a good farmer friend that raises cows as they should be raised, so we may be able to bring a couple of his steers home to our place to fatten up before being processed for your freezer.   These are healthy, naturally raised grass fed and finished cattle. We raise our beef cattle to an age of at least 24 months, which means they have time to mature physically and thus are able to marble up naturally. Most store bought beef is marbled up by force feeding a high energy diet (grain by the truckloads) which causes the animal to put on fat while it is still immature, which is before it would naturally do so. Our beeves are naturally fattened on grass and clovers, as they should be.



 Email now to get on the waiting list for piglets or finished meat. We've had a lot of interest in this breed and we don't want you to get left out!


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